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Test My Tattoo is a UK based design and print company. Our custom temporary tattoos offer you the chance to test out any design idea you may have from the comfort of your own home so you will be confident about how it looks before you get permanently inked for life. Anything from small pop art creations to a full sleeve can be achieved, with the only limit being your imagination.

Avoid Tattoo Regret With a Temporary Tattoo

Applying a temporary tattoo allows you to test the design and placement without any permanent consequences, so you can head to the tattoo studio with complete confidence in your choice. A temporary tattoo also gives you the chance to experiment with colour, as you could test the same design in multiple colourways to see which one suits you best. It’s also brilliant for those who are considering adding to or altering their existing tattoo designs, as you will be able to see what those changes look like instantly.

We also offer discounted bulk orders and next day UK delivery.

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Why Choose Test My Tattoo?

We can work with any image you have, and we make improvements to all uploads we receive to ensure you get the best quality possible for your custom temporary tattoo idea. We even add a subtle effect to every tattoo (except for logo uploads) to make the image appear more realistic when on the skin, this appears as a slight blur with a blue tint to your final print. If you do need specific image changes then simply mention this when ordering or contact us on our online chat or contact form here to see how we can help. Our friendly, can-do attitude has made us the experts in custom temporary tattoos UK customers know that they can trust.

What Else Can Our Temporary Tattoos Be Used For?

Our tattoos are great for use as corporate gift ideas for a wide range of events and are completely child safe. Companies are always looking for ways to make their event stand out - so why not add something a little different to your next event with some temporary tattoos for attendees to apply? It’s a great way to get your branding out there and provides a brilliant talking point. This also makes them a great option for charity and fundraising.

Our custom temporary tattoos are also popular with those putting together cosplay costumes, as they can help you to recreate a look very accurately but without any kind of long-term commitment. They are the perfect choice for stag do's and bachelorette/hen parties too, giving you some great photo opportunities and plenty of fun memories to look back on! It’s certainly more advisable than impulsively deciding to get a tattoo that you may regret!

Find Out More Today

To find out more about us and why we’re the providers of Temporary Tattoos UK customers recommend, please get in touch with the Test My Tattoo team without delay. Our friendly advisors are here to answer any questions that you may have and will be able to point you in the direction of the best temporary tattoo solution for your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and get your tattoo journey started in the most sensible way possible!

What are temporary tattoos, and how do they work?

Temporary tattoos are custom designs that can be applied to the skin temporarily. To apply one, you press them onto the skin, wet the back, and then peel away the paper to leave the design on your skin. The process is so easy, so anyone can apply them.

Our customers have a wide range of temporary tattoo options to choose from, from single custom designs to bulk orders. We also offer a custom tattoo design service. Obviously, costs vary depending on what you choose. What we can guarantee though, are competitive rates that offer you great value for money.

Our temporary tattoos are totally skin safe and comply with all skin relevant safety regulations. If you have sensitive skin and are worried about reacting to the adhesive, you can perform a patch test with the small star sample we include for additional peace of mind.

Thinking of getting tattooed, but worried you might regret how it looks?
Our mission is for you to be certain about your tattoo design before it becomes permanent. Either have our artists create you an amazing custom design or upload your own and test run either option at home first.


The Benefits of Test My Tattoo

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Customers love our service
Robert Nugus
Robert Nugus
I had been toying with a design idea for a while and didn't even know you could get a custom temporary tattoo. My design arrived in the post really quickly and looks great. I'm defiantly going to try a few more designs before getting the real thing!
Marianne Moggridge
Marianne Moggridge
A great temporary tattoo looked perfect and a super idea to test first - it came quickly with clear instructions and a cute free gift - Thanks
Will Reynolds
Will Reynolds
A great service all round. Pete listened to what I wanted and also added his own suggestions to make it even better. Fast delivery of the product and very clear instructions. I wore it for three days and decided it needed to be permanent. Was my first tattoo and I wouldn’t have done it, if it wasn’t for this very handy service.
Dominic Leonard
Dominic Leonard
Super simple to order, great customer service and the temporary tattoos were fantastic. Will 100% be using again!
James Lord
James Lord
Superb!! Great service, friendly and helpful with excellent communication. Quick delivery and instructions very clear. Tattoo Tester applied very easily and the quality was spot on. Decided not to have the Tattoo done permanently after this test, so it saved regrets, money and all the rest. Many thanks. Great idea. Would use again, even for fun such as a party or even a gift as it washes off after a few days or sooner.
Phil Smith
Phil Smith
Very responsive to my emailed questions and gave me ideas I hadn’t considered. Product is great, well priced and arrived within days of ordering. Perfect experience.
Wendy Pearson
Wendy Pearson
The customer service I received was incomparable.Because I had really left it too late. They not only managed to get my tattoo created and dispatched really soon after I put my order in; they sent me a second copy for free of a different size to ensure one would actually fit where I wanted it placed. It looks beautiful. Buy from these guys.xx
Rachael Cooper
Rachael Cooper
Great quality temporary tattoos! Ordered for an event on behalf of the RSPCA HHB Branch and they were great! Very bold colours and clean lines. They were quick to apply and lasted well, delivery and communication was also extremely prompt. Would definitely use Test My Tattoo's services again.
Oliver Thorogood
Oliver Thorogood
Great service and quality. Will definitely be returning