We look to process all orders within just 2 working days and then send out via First Class Royal Mail. We do provide FREE special delivery on all bulk orders over £80, also completed within 2 working days, so you are guaranteed to receive your bulk order within 3 working days max unless contacted otherwise. You can choose the special delivery option if your order is under £80 for an additional £12, and if ordered before 12am then we will have shipped out the next day for you. The custom tattoo option will depend on complexity but can usually be completed within 2 - 10 working days.
Navigate to the bulk orders page here. Bulk orders are based on the number of tattoos to fit per A4 sheet. The tattoo size range and quantity range dropdowns at the top are used to calculate the cost. If you need any specific requirements (such as multiple images or 0.5 sizes then simply mention this in the notes and we can do this). The tattoos will be sent out on sheets with enough room to cut each one out and we will include free extras as spares also. If you need each tattoo individually cut out then you would need to select this option and there is an additional charge associated, which will automatically be calculated when selecting.
Our temporary tattoos usually last anything from 2 - 10 days. The size and detail of the tattoo as well as the location on the body will depend how long the tattoo lasts. Larger pieces, on more hidden areas could last up to 10 days. It is less likely to last as long if it is a small, thin tattoo, placed in an area that creases or gets wet a lot. If you need the tattoo to last longer, you can simply order multiple prints for a bulk discount also.
Using warm, soapy water and makeup remover to remove your tattoo. If you find the sticky part of the temporary tattoo difficult to remove, just try a bit of baby oil or bio oil afterwards.
To get your own image created as a temporary tattoo, the cost is based on the size range and whether you need colour, these start from just £12. Custom design prices start from £18 and will depend on the complexity of the design and size required. Free UK Postage on all orders.
The largest single piece is up to A4 size (21cm x 29cm). If you need a larger piece or a sleeve then complete our custom design form to get a quote and this can be achieved using multiple A4 pieces that can be placed together on your skin.
Yes, there is a 40% discount when ordering 2 - 4 copies, 50% off when ordering 5 - 9 copies and a 60% discount when ordering over 10 copies. If you are looking to make a large, bulk order of prints then please order here to get an even bigger discount. If you want copies of the same design just upload the image and select the amount. If you want multiple designs, then simply add as a seperate product for each design.
As high resolution as possible. Any image type is fine, but ideally as a JPG or PNG. If your image is low res then the quality of the print may not be as clear. We will edit your image the best we can to print at the best quality. For any image changes (such as a tattoo on skin), select the "need image changes" option and mention these in the notes (anything outside of these notes will cost extra). If your image requires a heavy amount of editing or adjustments then we would need to quote extra and you would be contacted to discuss this.
Yes we can work with any image you have and will even improve the quality of every image where possible. If it is a copyright image or from another source then we simply won't publish the image anywhere. If the tattoo is an actual tattoo on someone's skin, please select "need image changes" for us to modify this to work.
Your image will be printed in reverse so when you place the tattoo on your skin it will show the correct way.
The custom temporary tattoos are completely skin safe, child friendly and compliant with all skin relevant safety regulations. The adhesive may cause skin sensitivity in some rare cases, so we recommend you perform a patch test with the small STAR sample we include.
This option covers any small image changes you might need. For instance: removing the background, removing an element, removing skin if it is from a permanent tattoo image. Please ensure to mention in the notes what specific changes you want (anything outside of these notes will cost extra). If your image requires a heavy amount of editing or adjustments then we would need to quote extra and you would be contacted to discuss this.
Our tattoos are made from transfer water paper, they are environmentally safe and easy to use and the backing paper that is removed is fully disposable.
Yes this is doable. You would just need to select "need image changes" to have our team modify the image,

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