Are Temporary Tattoos Safe for Sensitive Skin

Why Customers Choose Test My Tattoo

Temporary tattoos have become very popular, with people of all ages using them. Whether you want to create a fun look for a party or you’re trying out a tattoo design before you commit to the real thing, our custom temporary tattoos are the perfect option. Are they safe for use on sensitive skin though? Here is everything you need to know about our customisable temporary tattoos and why you can choose us with confidence.

The appeal of temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos have really grown in popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. They allow you to express yourself without the permanence of an actual tattoo, and their cost-effectiveness means that virtually anyone can experiment with them! However, those with sensitive skin may have some concerns.

Choosing the right supplier

Here at Test My Tattoo, we want everyone to be able to apply and enjoy our designs. That’s why we have a steadfast commitment to producing safe and skin-friendly temporary tattoos. We prioritise quality materials to minimise the risk of irritation, making our products suitable for individuals with sensitive skin. So, you can choose us with total peace of mind!

Our custom temporary tattoos are made with skin-safe ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals and allergens, reducing the likelihood of adverse reactions. Of course, we recommend getting in touch with us if you have any pressing concerns about what our temporary tattoos are made from and to follow your doctor or dermatologist’s advice if you have any skin conditions.

A gentle removal process

One concern for those with sensitive skin is the removal process. Low-quality temporary tattoos may require aggressive scrubbing, causing irritation. However, our tattoos have been designed to work with a gentle removal process. Our tattoos can be easily removed with your favourite cleanser or simply soap and water, minimising the risk of skin damage.

Patch testing for peace of mind

To provide further assurance to our customers, we include a free sample with each order. This allows you to perform a patch test before applying the full tattoo. This small design can be applied anywhere, and all you need to do is wait to see if there are any adverse effects! You’ll also be able to see how the tattoos are applied as well, making the process of applying your chosen design a lot easier when the time comes.

We’re here to help

Temporary tattoos can be a fun and creative way to express yourself, even if you have sensitive skin. By choosing us, you can give your skin the best possible chance of a great outcome. We’ve worked with many customers with sensitive skin and have been delighted with our tattoos delivering great results all while being gentle. So, why not get in touch today to work on your custom design?