temporary tattoo uses

Our custom temporary tattoos are great for testing out a potential new tattoo, but there are also other great reasons you might want to order one:

Stag Dos / Bachelorette / Hen Dos

Order a funny tattoo for the stag or an elegant tattoo for the hen, or even get a bulk discount order for the entire stag or hen party to wear.

Events and Marketing

Temporary tattoos can be used as promotional items at events, festivals or trade shows to promote a brand, product or cause. They can be fully customised to any size with logos, slogans or a certain designs to create a unique marketing tool that is eye-catching and memorable.

Corporate Gift Ideas

Our custom temporary tattoos can be a great idea for corporate gift bags or gift ideas, either to use at an event or even to send in the post to potential clients.

A Present to someone

A custom temporary tattoo could make a great personalised gift idea for someone special. Maybe your partner is thinking of getting tattooed but is unsure, why not get them a custom fake tattoo of what they are thinking of getting to trial first, they would be blown away! Or how about your kids names in a lovely designed script font as a Mothers Day or Fathers Day gift?

As a Fashion Piece

Temporary tattoos can be used as a fashionable accessory to enhance your style. They can be applied on any body part to create a unique and trendy look for special occasions, parties or festivals.

Personal Expression

A tattoo can be a form of personal expression, allowing a person to showcase their interests, beliefs or artistic creativity. They can illustrate symbols, quotes or any design that holds personal meaning or represent a particular cause or message and just because it’s temporary doesn’t make that any different.

Cosplay and Costumes

A great idea for cosplay (costume play) to enhance the authenticity of a character’s appearance and style to make you look just like a certain character, especially if their tattoos are a key part of their look. This can be useful in film / TV roles, they can even be used to create realistic-looking wounds, scars, or body markings, and can be easily removed after the event.

Children’s Entertainment

Temporary tattoos are popular among children as a form of temporary body art. They can be applied during parties, carnivals, or playdates, providing kids with a fun and creative activity that allows them to express themselves.

Medical and Testing Purposes

They can be used in medical and testing settings for various purposes. For example, they can be used to mark specific areas of the body for medical procedures or to indicate allergy or medical information. They can also be used in clinical research studies to track the placement of experimental treatments or monitor patient compliance.

Safety and Identification

Temporary tattoos can be useful in crowded places, such as amusement parks, water parks, festivals, conferences or large events, to identify participants or indicate access to certain areas.

Fundraising and Charity

Temporary tattoos are a great idea for fundraising and charity events as a way to raise awareness or funds for a particular cause. They can be sold or distributed to supporters to build awareness, and the proceeds can even be donated to the charitable organisation.

Educational and Learning Tools

These tattoos can be used as educational and learning tools for children or as aids for teaching in classrooms. They can depict letters, numbers, shapes or other educational content to make learning fun and interactive.

These are just a few examples of the many uses of temporary tattoos. Their versatility, ease of application, and temporary nature make them a popular choice for various occasions and purposes. If you’d like to order a bulk amount of tattoos for an occasion like this then please order here.