prevent tattoo regret

Whether your new to tattoos or already have plenty, here are some top tips to help you avoid any tattoo regrets in the future…


Your tattoo will be on your body for life, so don’t rush in just because you want something on your skin immediately. Rushing anything nearly always leads to mistakes so remember to take your time and think of every scenario and your future self too before committing.


Take time looking into the different tattoo artists and different tattoo trends / styles to see exactly what sort of look you like, then find an artist whose portfolio matches what you love.

Even try contacting different artists to find out how they work and whether they are a good fit for you. Don’t just rush into booking with a tattooist that is highly recommended either, as they might be good at they’re particular style, but might not be right for you.

Make the Tattoo Meaningful

A good way to ensure you won’t live to regret your tattoo in the future is to make the tattoo have some kind of meaning that’s specific to you. Have a think about your loves, your history, your passions, your hobbies, your family or any interests you may have to help inspire you.

Test your Tattoo

Once you have a good idea in mind, make sure to use our website to test your tattoo out first. Even if you have the perfect idea and the perfect artist ready, it is always worth trialling the tattoo first before going in the studio. This will help to confirm how it will look in position and you can trial out with different outfits and locations on you. The shape and positioning of a tattoo can be the main things that determine whether you like the look of the tattoo on you, and these are the main things Test My Tattoo can help you to confirm.

Avoid current tattoo trends / pop culture references

It can be tempting to see a cool tattoo trend or style that looks good and want to get that done, but when you do and then you see many other people walking around with the same type of tattoo this can lead to regret. It can also be something that could even get ridiculed by media (e.g. lower back tattoos on women in the 2000s).

Pop culture references could also lead to problems if you fall out of love with the certain media, or a revelation were to come out (e.g. a Michael Jackson tattoo).

Talk about your tattoo ideas

A tattoo is obviously a personal choice and a personal thing to you. You might not like the thought of discussing your ideas with anyone else, but I would highly recommend speaking to a family member or friend to get an honest, unbiased opinion from them on what they think.

Even if they don’t like your idea but your still in love with it, at least you will have some food for thought and they might highlight an issue you hadn’t thought of.