How We Can Help You

Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement at an event or to trial a design before committing to getting permanent ink, our personalised temporary tattoos are the perfect solution. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing Test My Tattoo.

Understanding Your Vision

The journey to your perfect tattoo begins with us getting to know you. Whether you come to us with a detailed brief or just a vague idea, we’re here to listen and collaborate with you at every stage. For those who have a clear image in mind, you can provide as much detail as you like. Share your sketches, references and any specific elements you want to include – we’re all ears! If you are less certain about what you want your tattoo to look like, we’re happy to take the lead. Tell us about the style you’re drawn to and anything else that resonates with you.
Our experienced artists will then create a mock-up design, taking around 1-2 weeks to do so. If you’d like them to tweak this further, you’re free to make changes that are within your original brief.

Perfect for Any Occasion!

Temporary tattoos are a fantastic addition to any event. Fancy dress costumes can be taken to the next level with our designs, helping you to stand out as the guest with the best costume! They’re also a great option for events such as milestone birthdays or hen and stag nights, as you can create a design that’s all about the person you are celebrating. We’ve supplied tattoos for all kinds of events and will work with you to capture the spirit of the occasion in the design.

Test Drive a Tattoo

Thinking about getting a permanent tattoo but aren’t quite sure if it’s the right move for you? We’re here to help. Our temporary tattoos allow you to refine and then try out your design before making that permanent commitment. You can wear it to see how it fits in with your style and everyday life, as well as experiment with placements. Best of all, you can seek out some opinions from family and friends before it’s too late!

Safe and Easy to Apply

Here at Test My Tattoo, we prioritise your safety at every stage. All of our temporary tattoos are made from skin-safe materials, ensuring they’re gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Our tattoos are non-toxic and hypoallergenic – and applying them is a breeze! All designs come with clear instructions, and all you need is a few minutes to apply your tattoo. You’ll have a practice design to use first to get the hang of it, but it really couldn’t be any easier. When the time comes to remove it, you can easily do this with soap and water or baby oil.

We’re Here to Help

We’re here to bring the vision you have for your tattoo to life, no matter how temporary. Want to find out more? Get in touch with our experienced team today.