What makes us better than other temporary tattoo companies

At test my tattoo, we operate a much more personalised service that can offer support and ideas to help you get your ideal tattoo.

We’re not just any temporary tattoo company, our aim is to help customers to never have the worry about regretting a tattoo by trialling any idea they have from the comfort of their own home. This could potentially save them hundreds of pounds in the long run.

Bespoke tattoo solutions

We offer bespoke solutions and even custom design options to help you get your dream concept. Other temporary tattoo company’s usually offer simple pop art designs or a custom tool to make your own, which isn’t much help if you’re no good at designing yourself. For a custom design piece you will receive both a high resolution digital copy to share with your tattoo artist, as well as 2 copies of your design as a temporary tattoo in any size you require, this is something no other company offer.

Image quality assurance

We go above and beyond any other temporary tattoo company when it comes to quality assurance as well. If you upload an image that isn’t the best quality, resolution or is a picture of a tattoo on someone’s skin, our professional photo editing experts will do the best we can to improve every photo for print. If specific image changes are required this simply costs an additional £10 and needs to be mentioned in the notes.

Trial any Tattoo size or Colour

We can also achieve any size tattoo you want, so even a back or full sleeve piece is doable, which most other companies can’t offer. The tattoo will be broken up into separate A4 sheets that can be placed on your body in sections. This is a much more effective way of placing the tattoos on your body as you can get the position and angles right to wrap around your skin. Unlike other temporary tattoo services we offer tattoos in any colour you need. The only colour that isn’t possible is white, as this would be the skin tone.

A UK Based Service

We are based in the UK, in Essex and we offer in-house support for any questions you have. Because we are UK based, we ship your orders out within just a few days via Royal Mail so you can be assured to have your prints arrive super quick.

A complete service

In every order sent out, we provide detailed instructions and also include a small temporary tattoo of a star to test out on your skin first to make sure you are comfortable with how to apply before you trial your actual temporary tattoo.

With expert tattoo artists behind us, Test My Tattoo can offer any support or guidance you might need about getting a real tattoo. We provide free UK delivery on all our tattoo prints and we pride ourselves on a super speedy turnaround with orders being shipped out within just 1 – 2 working days maximum (more often then not it’s on the same day). We even have a next day delivery service if you require your print urgently and great discounts for bulk orders too.

If you want to trial a tattoo for yourself please order your own here, or contact our expert help team for more information or support.