benefits of test tattoo

Here we highlight some of the key benefits of using Test My Tattoo before committing to getting permanently inked.

Save Time and Money

Test My Tattoo and custom temporary tattoos could potentially save you hundreds of pounds on possible tattoo removal or cover ups if you were to change your mind. Using a temporary tattoo to see where you want it placed on your body will also save you time on your tattoo day, and tattoo artists these days can charge a lot by the hour. Already knowing the position and style of tattoo you are after will help a great deal.

Trial Your Tattoo Idea Freely

Testing your tattoo out from the comfort of your own home means you can see how it will look with different outfits, different angles and spend a few days actually wearing it to be sure you are confident of how it looks. You can also ask your friends and family on their opinions – which you wouldn’t be able to do in most tattoo studios.

Many Tattoo Possibilities

If you buy multiple prints you can save up to 50% on your custom temporary tattoo order. You can then trial the tattoo in different locations on your body, and this is a great choice if you are trying to do a cover up. Test My Tattoo can achieve any size piece. If your piece is larger than A4 then the design will simply be broken up into separate sheets that you can connect on your skin – so you can even get an idea of how a custom sleeve will look. Any design can be created, including colour, more detailed designs won’t look as sharp as a final tattoo would but it will be enough to give a great idea of how the design and shape will look on your skin.

Custom Temporary Tattoos Are Simple to Use

The custom temporary tattoos are simple to apply in minutes on any part of the body, they are child safe and can be removed with warm soapy water at any time. The tattoos are also made to measure, so you can choose any specific size you like to place perfectly on your body.

Expert Tattoo Support

With expert tattoo artists behind us, Test My Tattoo can offer any support or guidance you might need and can produce a great custom design for you to test and even provide you with a digital copy to share with your tattoo artist. There is free UK delivery on all tattoo prints and our team will ship the finished design out within just 1 – 2 working days.

Test My Tattoo Go The Extra Mile

Where Test My Tattoo are different to other temporary tattoo companies comes down to our custom service. Not only do we have a full, custom design option available from our professional team of tattoo artists, but we also do our best to adjust any images uploaded via the upload your own option to be the best quality for print we can, using our expert quality checks.