tattoo trends

Want to add some new ink or looking to get your first piece, here we will take a look at some popular trends for 2023.

Custom Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos have become more popular of late. A great way to explore and trial out tattoos for fun, or before committing to something permanent. Test My Tattoo can help you with whatever design you are after! Just send your image of what you like or contact us for a bespoke custom design.

Intricate and Dainty

Subtle minimalistic tattoos are gaining a lot of popularity right now. From tiny or micro to fine-line tattoos. These style tattoos typically are quite intricate and delicate and a great option for those looking for their first tattoo!

Bold and Beautiful

On the other end of the spectrum, blackwork tattoos are big right now. Blackwork tattoos have been popular for centuries, and they certainly are not going anywhere anytime soon. Blackwork tattoos use black ink, usually with bold geometric patterns and shapes. A popular choice for those wanting something striking and can also be a great choice for cover ups too.


Fancy a modern twist?! Colour is hot right now; from bold geometric tattoos with colour to watercolour tattoos. Colour is a great way to introduce some fun and interest to your design.


Inspiration from nature can create the most beautiful and meaningful tattoos and hence the rise in their popularity. From pretty floral designs to powerful animal pieces! A very popular choice.