apply temporary tattoo

Here we list the steps you need to take to ensure your custom temporary tattoo is placed on your skin with no problems.

Our custom temporary tattoos are completely skin safe, child friendly and compliant with all skin relevant safety regulations. The adhesive may cause skin sensitivity in some rare cases, so we recommend you perform a patch test with the small STAR sample we include.

  1. Your custom tattoo is reversed so it appears the correct way when you place on your skin. Ensure your skin is trimmed of hair, clean and oil free.
  2. There is a small STAR tattoo included. This is to trial on your skin first to make sure you’re comfortable how to place the tattoo and that your skin isn’t sensitive.
  3. Run a ruler or flat object over the temporary tattoo to ensure no air bubbles are present. Where applicable, carefully cut around the tattoo as close to the ink as possible.
  4. Very CAREFULLY remove the clear, transparent plastic from the temporary tattoo, ensuring the ink stays on the white paper side before peeling, if not try another side, or press down firmly with a ruler again.
  5. Put the tattoo side of the print directly on your body, keeping your skin flat / taut. Using a wet cloth or sponge, gently but firmly press down on the print, ensuring to cover the design fully with water.
  6. Wait for 30 seconds, then slowly peel away the corner of the paper, ensuring the ink is sticking to your skin, before revealing the full tattoo in place.
  7. To remove the tattoo, you can use warm, soapy water to scrub it away. Makeup remover, baby oil or bio oil can also help to remove the stickiness afterwards.