getting tattooed

Thinking of your tattoo design

This is probably the trickiest part, just knowing what to have tattooed. Most people want a tattoo but just struggle to actually think of a design or idea they like. You want it to have meaning to you, be unique and obviously look good, which can be a challenging thing. This is where test my tattoo try to help, by providing you a cheap way of trialing any ideas you might have first.

Finding a tattoo artist

The next stage is finding an artist whose work and style matches the kind of tattoo you are wanting. Searching on Google, Facebook or Instagram can help here, where your instantly be able to see a showcase of their work to see if it’s a good fit.

Getting a tattoo artist booking

This could also prove to be a tricky thing. The tattoo artist you like potentially may not want to or be able to work on your idea if it’s not something they are comfortable with. A popular artist might also be difficult to get a booking with or you might need to wait over a year for a session. Waiting that long can be another cause for tattoo regret, as once your session is due, having waited that long you will find it difficult to say no on the day if there is something your not happy about. That’s why getting a temporary tattoo to test your idea out in that time can be a valuable tool.

Your Tattoo designed

Different tattooists will have different ways that they supply you with a design, some might only show you on the tattoo day itself, which isn’t great! Or some may send you a rough mock-up or even a completed design a few weeks or months before your session. If this happens then it’s highly recommended to upload your design to our site and get a custom temporary tattoo to test out. It could save you hundreds in the future if you end up changing your mind as it’s a lot easier to make that decision at home than in a tattoo studio.

Tattoo day

On the day of your tattoo your tattooist will print the design out onto tattoo transfer paper and place where you want on your skin, making sure to get the position right. This is now where you get to look in the mirror and double check everything about your design before you 100% commit. At this stage I would recommend going to the toilet or somewhere alone to check the design in private and try different angles, poses and even different clothes if you can to make sure you are definitely happy – any doubts you may have be sure to raise as those doubts will always lead to regret down the line.